• Parish Evangelization Seminars

    Parish Evangelization Seminars

    One of the great challenges that we face in the Church today is the lack of “missionary consciousness” on the part of the lay faithful. There are many Catholics who are simply unaware of or indifferent to their holy obligation and sacred duty to evangelize. For those that are aware, they are often-times filled with fear and apprehension because they have not been taught how to share the faith with others. In an effort to remedy this, Our team of evangelists have developed a series of highly effective Evangelization Seminars, which we offer to parishes and groups interested in preparing the laity for effective evangelization. If you are interested in revitalizing your parish, ministry group, or association, schedule a seminar today! For more information please email Tony Brandt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (316)641-4050
  • Casting Nets Ministries and Benedictine College presents the "Transform Your World Evangelization Training Camp," this once in a lifetime opportunity for high school students to be trained by some of the nation’s top evangelists in their field. This premier youth camp will train these dynamic youth how to be effective evangelists and disciples that will be able to bring the Gospel to all they meet. The participants will be trained how to help others develop an authentic prayer life, to dialogue about important religious truths and moral issues, to inspire their peers to authentic loving relationships in a chaste lifestyle, and to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. All this while learning the fundamentals of sound evangelization. We are "Training the New Evangelists for the New Evangelization" To find out more, click on the button below.
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  • The Seven Pillars Pastoral Plan

    The Seven Pillars Pastoral Plan

    Parish Missions, Retreats, Days of Reflections and events can serve as a great boost to the spiritual welfare of our communities. However, to have a longer lasting impact more must be done. Are you looking for a way to train your 10% to transform the 90%? Would you like your leadership to be moving in the same direction with the same language and the same vision? Are you desiring for your Church to begin to take leaps towards answering the challenge of the New Evangelization? The evangelists and pastoral consultants here at Casting Nets will personally work with your organization, school, parish, or diocese to help implement "The Seven Pillars of Effective Evangelization" into every aspect of your community. Over a series of strategic engagements we will train your leadership and assist them in developing a "Seven Pillars Pastoral Plan" which will give your community the ability to authentically respond to the New Evangelization. This is not a program to lay on top of the existing ministries but rather fundamental pillars that allow every ministry to focus and develop their particular role in the parish in a way that evangelizes effectively and develops an active stewardship lifestyle in all within their reach. For more information please email Tony Brandt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (316)641-4050