I'm going to college next year, a secular college, and I want to evangelize, how can I do that?

 First and foremost you need to safeguard your faith and even more important continue to grow in your own relationship with Jesus Christ; you cannot give what you do not have.  Colleges today have the well deserved reputation of being the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  Fortunately for us our God can do the impossible, He is the King of all Hearts, and promised that we could move mountains if we but had the faith of a mustard seed (cf. Mt 17:20).  I am assuming you already know that you must be a witness of the Hope of Christ and the Joy of the Resurrection in such a way that this world cannot explain it away; so we don't need to discuss that here (if you don't already know that then you are free to ask another question).  Once you know that your prayer life is founded on the Rock, and you are an example of true Joy and authentic Hope then you can begin to share your Faith with others.  There will be more opportunities then you might thing to evangelize at college.

The moral situation on most college campuses is infamously poor therefore producing many souls that are broken and empty.  Drug use, alcohol abuse and sexual immorality leaves people in despair.  If you indeed are a person that processes the Peace of Christ then these broken souls will begin to seek you out.  If they are lost and broken you will have plenty of opportunities of reaching out your hand to get them out of the despair they are in.  And if you do not do this who will?

The intellectual climate at most colleges will also give you plenty of chances to spread the truth of Christ as well.  Colleges are full of people who classify themselves as intellectuals and those that consider themselves open to seeking the truth where ever they find it.  (They may classify themselves as such but normally they only seek the truth as long as they themselves can define it, certainly not from any authority).  This will give you many opportunities to present what the Catholic Church really does teach as well as define natural law.  You will hear many debates going on about a variety of topics among these self defined intellectuals; it will be your chance to slip a few truths in there when they're not looking.

Finally, invite, invite, invite.  Whether it is to invite to go to Mass, Confession, or just a cop of coffee to talk about what is going wrong, always keep inviting.  It can be as simple as giving someone a book or a DVD of someone's conversion story.  Keep inviting them to a relationship with Christ.  Do you think that Jesus would give up on them even if they were doing drugs and having pre-marital sex?  I don't think so either.  Therefore you cannot give up either, keep being there for them and keep inviting them.

And by the way, all this advice would be pretty much the same if you were attending a Catholic college as well.

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