I've heard Tony & Chris speak on the radio about the 'Catholic moment' or the 'Human moment,' what do these terms mean?

At a time when nearly every Catholic has heard about the “New Evangelization” many of us are wondering what exactly is the New Evangelization – and how does it relate to me? All of us have loved ones, who've wandered from the faith, who are struggling. How can we help share the joy of the Catholic faith? Spread the Gospel and live as evangelists in the 21st the fundamental importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Chris and how strengthening that relationship leads to an abundance of peace and joy.

Learn how to share the faith with friends and family in the “Seven Pillars of Highly Effective Evangelization” the corner stone to Casting Nets Ministries.” Limit 1 free copy per household. [Offer applies to the continental United States only. ]

This is a three part audio CD set.

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We must proclaim Christ's message of the abundant life to all who are willing to hear it. We have been given the crucial task of sharing the Salvation of Christ with our friends, family, co-workers, and perhaps even strangers. We also possess the challenge of inviting back those who have left the family, that is, Christ's Church. This booklet will give the foundational principles to individuals, groups, or parishes on how to share the Gospel effectively. We cannot wait any longer. The Love of Christ wants to reach everyone. The question is...are we ready to be the instrument to introduce Christ to others?

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