Should I allow the Mormon Missionaries into my home?

Unfortunately, because of the times we live in, our first tip is that of caution and prudence.  We must always be careful of who we allow to enter our home.  If the people standing at your door are indeed Mormon missionaries, then our recommendation is that it is ok to invite them in.  But how can you know if they are from the Church of Latter Day Saints? 1) They always travel in pairs, so if there is a single individual at your door claiming to be a missionary,do not trust that. 2) The Mormon Missionaries are always assoicated and supervised by the local church, so you can call the nearest church (or Ward as they refer to their area) and verify that they are missionaries.   After you have come to the decision that they are indeed Mormon missionaries and you are willing to invite them in, then our suggestion is to go ahead.  As long as they are at your house, you have kept them from trying to convert someone else (that in itself is an accomplishment).  Just a few tips:


  1. If you have younger kids, I would not keep them around for any real dialogue just to avoid any confusion with your own kids.
  2. Set the bar of expectations low, do not expect immediate conversions.  To convert to Catholicism is a big enough life change for most people but to do it while on your two year Mormon mission would be extreme. (But who knows what could happen when they go home!)
  3. Get to know the young men (sometimes young women) in front of you.  They are real people with real mothers and fathers and siblings.  Find out their story and let them know your story.  (However, be aware that as soon as you get to know them they move, the missionaries normally get moved every 6 to 8 weeks.)
  4. Unless you are really versed in apologetics don't worry about getting into theological debates.  Ask simple questions and then share your Faith with them.  Share your love of the Eucharist, Confession and the Pope.  Share your family values.
  5. Just be a witness.  Allow them to meet Catholics who love Jesus and their neighbors.  If you can be that you will stick with them for the rest of their mission trip and their lives.
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