Is it wise to send out new converts to go out and evangelize?

This is really a two part answer in which the answers seem to be opposite, but here we go. While all have a duty to evangelize, in general we find it to not be a good idea for new converts or RCIA candidates to go and argue with devout anti-Catholics. Many times someone new to the Faith is going to lack the depth of knowledge or be spiritually grounded enough not to be shaken by questions. Take small steps

in building up to a challenge such as that. Because new converts are still learning about and deepening their faith, they will often have a difficult time articulating in a clear way and effective manner.


However, we all do have a duty to evangelize. New converts strength is in being a witness to the faith. They are able to share their story — what they went through, where they were, what they were thinking, and where they are now. The new also tend to have a zeal and passion for their faith that is very contagious and inspiring to those of us who have been in the Faith from birth. Becoming active in a ministry or apostolate can also be a great way to solidify a new found faith. Both Chris and Tony experienced this when they did a summer of Totus Tuus shortly after coming back to a life in the Sacraments. That summer could be captured by the image of being thrown into the fire, but it shaped both of us into the people we are today. At the same time we condition on giving a new convert more than they can handle, which could lead to burn out, they will eventually be able to build up to take on more difficult challenges in evangelization.

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