I struggle with being confident enough to share my Faith. I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to do that, how do I overcome this paralyzing fear?

There are really two parts to this question; the first has to do with ‘enough knowledge,’ the second has to do with ‘fear.

Enough Knowledge – We gave an answer to similar question about being ‘smart enough’ in another Q&A. You are encouraged to check that out but we would like to add just a few more points since this is such a common emotion.

1)      We as Catholics know our Faith better than we think. If you have been raised Catholic then you have been going to Mass since before you can remember and thus have the heard majority of the Bible read. You have heard songs and you have heard homilies about the Faith; you know more than you think.


2)      Since we are Catholic and the person we are in dialogue is usually not Catholic or not a practicing Catholic, we can be fairly certain that we know more about Catholicism then they do. We know the sacraments, what to do in Mass, most of the prayers. In other words, there is a good chance that they may just have simple questions that we can certainly answer.

3)      Really all that is needed is to explain what we do know. Many times people are just looking for the fact that we as Catholic Christians actually have reasons to support our Faith.

4)      Finally, keep in mind that our Faith is indeed inexhaustable. That can be scary but it is still very beautiful. There will never be a time that we will know everything about the Faith, but that is true about many things. Consider a married couple who have been married for 20 years - would they say that there is nothing else to know about each? Doubt it. Keep studying, keep falling in love, keep challenging yourself to know more.

Overcoming Fear – This is really the issue, fear many times keeps us from moving forward or moving back or saying something or not saying something even when we know we ought to. So just a few thoughts:

1)      We must keep in mind what is on the line – eternity, salvation, and true happiness. Why are we so quick to share our opinion of the latest movie, restaurant, or someone’s financial decisions? Many times we offer our opinion on those things even when we are not asked, but all that is all the line in those matters is maybe a few wasted hours, or a bad meal, or some amount of money which in the long run we will not be taking with us anyway. But with sharing our Faith, what is on the line is ETERNAL HAPPINESS!!! Let us not fear anything in order to share that.

2)      We always share what we love. How easy is it to talk with others about our favorite sports team or favorite TV show or the latest activity of our children? And here is what is so amazing…people listen to us about these things not because they care about them too, but because they care about us and they know we are passionate about them. If we love our Faith, then share it and people will listen.

3)      Love is what conquers every fear. If a loved one was in a burning house would there be any obstacle, any amount of fear that would keep us from entering the house? The more we love Christ and the more we love our neighbor, the more fear will disappear into the background and we will soon find ourselves courageously loving people into the Kingdom.

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