Is it wise to go out on your own to evangelize or should we take Jesus’ idea of sending out the disciples two by two as our model?

It depends on what type of evangelization we would be doing. We emphasize relational evangelization, in which, we share our Faith with others by building true relationships with people. These relationships can include family, friends, co-workers, or fellow students, but by their nature these are personal relationships. Thus, building such friendships is difficult on a one on two basis.  However,

couple to couple and family to family evangelization has always proven to be very effective.


If the evangelization model that is being used is going door to door or street preaching then certainly going out by twos is highly encouraged. This is very practical advice; in today’s society we cannot be too safe, not just in reference to our own physical safety but also because of the legal climate.  However, Jesus did not send out the disciples two by two just because it was practical, there are many other benefits as well:

For instance, the building up of each other in doing this type of ministry, it is very bonding and edifying for friendships. Two comrades going to battle together can remain friends for life

It also gives us a greater confidence to go out to places that are perhaps beyond our comfort zone, think of God giving Aaron to go with Moses to speak to Pharaoh.

It can help our chances of success. With two people we have two sets of eyes and ears, which should help us hear what the real issues are and what is really on the heart of those we are trying to reach. With two people we have a great ability to be able to relate to someone, understand where they are coming from. With two people we are more likely to have the answers to questions people are asking.

Finally, with two people we have the ability to analyze and critic our evangelization efforts. To be able to ask our partner, ‘how did I do’, ‘was I compassionate enough’, ‘did I lose my temper’, or ‘what can I do better.’ This is a process that every person must go through and it is easier to do with someone else to help.

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