Should I allow the Mormon Missionaries into my home?

Unfortunately, because of the times we live in, our first tip is that of caution and prudence.  We must always be careful of who we allow to enter our home.  If the people standing at your door are indeed Mormon missionaries, then our recommendation is that it is ok to invite them in.  But how can you know if they are from the Church of Latter Day Saints? 1) They always travel in pairs, so if there is a single individual at your door claiming to be a missionary,do not trust that. 2) The Mormon Missionaries are always assoicated and supervised by the local church, so you can call the nearest church (or Ward as they refer to their area) and verify that they are missionaries.   After you have come to the decision that they are indeed Mormon missionaries and you are willing to invite them in, then our suggestion is to go ahead.  As long as they are at your house, you have kept them from trying to convert someone else (that in itself is an accomplishment).  Just a few tips:

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My friend and I go to the local public places to do some street evangelization for a few hours every week. Is it better to give out tracts to as many people as possible or talk to only a few people in more depth?


Photo by Chris YarzubWith the knowledge that eternity, salvation, and true happiness, is what is on the line, of course we want to reach as many people as possible with the information we have.  We want to share the truth with all of those passing by, and there are always the questions of ‘what if’ such as, ‘what if I only talk to a few people and miss the one or two people that actually would have read the booklet or listened to a CD.  These thoughts are not bad thoughts and this desire to share what you have with as many people as possible is truly a good thing.

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What is the best way to share the Faith with a family member?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it is also one of the most difficult to answer and to accomplish.  Obviously to be a joyous, faithful witness of the Hope of Christ is the first thing you can do for your family member.  You will also be the best judge of the temperment of your family member as to whether they are open to a dialogue.  Plus you can judge whether you could handle such a dialogue.  One of the best approaches is to point them to good resources like books or internet sites.  Encourage them to watch a movie or listen to a song that has Catholic principles in it while not being overtly Catholic.  Most of the time our family members know where we stand on the issues.  Therefore, unless there is immediacy required, we ought to just make ourselves available whenever they have questions.  But the best thing we can do is PRAY.  While that might sound like a cop out, it is always the most effective tool for evanglization. Take the example of St. Monica.  She prayed, and prayed, and cried, and prayed.  And God answered her prayers with St. Ambrose who ould dialogue with her son, St. Augustine.  Prayer is not some pie in the sky concept. It is the utlimate weapon in the spiritual battle field for souls.  St. Monica, Pray for us!!!