Bad Weather Friend - PART 2

Last week I shared with you about how Tony and I were stuck in Rapid City for two extra days because of a blizzard that bore down on the upper Midwest.

During times of trouble in our lives we many times find it easy to turn to the Lord for His providence and help, however when the sun is out and weather is clear we too often forget about relying on the God of the Universe, hence we are many times just a Bad Weather Friend.

But…storms in our lives also bring opportunity for forming new Bad Weather Friends in our life…

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God's Grace is so Easy

Last week I had to go early to daily Mass because one of my sons were serving. When I walked into the church I noticed there was no one in line for the Confessional. [There is always a line for Confessions at my parish…apparently the word on the street is…it is full of sinners. :) ]

So I decided to take advantage of this rare occurrence, prayed for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and did a quick examination of conscience and went over to the Confessional.

The Confessional door was open, I went in, knelt down, unloaded (or offloaded) my sins, received absolution and done.

As I was walking back to the pew, I had the thought, “That was easy!”

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We Still Need More Proof

This morning during my Scripture prayer time I was reading the Book of Exodus. The Israelites, “put the Lord to the test by saying, ‘Is the Lord among us or not’” (Ex 17:7)?


I need to put this in perspective…the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are questioning God’s concern for them after the following things have happened:

- Right before they ask this question they were given quail and miraculous Manna in the desert (Ex 16).

- Before that, they witnessed bitter undrinkable water being turned into sweet water (Ex 15:22-27).

- Before that, they miraculously crossed the Red Sea on dry ground as they Egyptian army was destroyed (Ex 14).

- Before that, they saw God’s presence in the form of a Pillar of Cloud and a Pillar of Fire (Ex 13:17-22).

- And of course let’s not forget that before that, they lived through the Ten Plagues coming upon Egypt which led to the Israelites freedom from slavery (Ex 7-12).

And despite all of that, the Israelites asked “Is the Lord among us or not”??? THEY STILL WANTED PROOF.

But…are we all that different from the Israelites?

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How Can I Evangelize as a 9-Year-Old?

This was a real question that I recently received!!!

I will first answer this question with a question…Has anyone heard a more heartwarming question than that? How happy would St. Pope John Paul II be to hear that question? What a great example of 'the new evangelization.' Let me first give some stories of young people evangelizing and then some practical examples.

Most traditions put the age of St. Tarcisius around 12 years old. At St. Tarcisius' young age he has given the Church an amazing testimony and example of faith in the true Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. He died while protecting the Blessed Sacrament while on route to taking it to prisoners.

For the last hundred years, Catholics around the world have been inspired by the story of St. Maria Goretti who died at the age of 11 to keep her purity. Her example even inspired the man that killed her to convert and accept Christ's forgiveness. That is some evangelization!

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Not Impressed

The story of the infamous 10 Plagues is told in Exodus 7 – 12. As I was reading this last week, what caught my attention was Pharaoh’s reaction to the 1st Plague and the miracle that preceded it.

The first time Moses and Aaron visit Pharaoh, they demand to let the Israelites go free to worship the true God. (I cannot help but laugh at the thought of Pharaoh’s facial response as these two old men, Moses 80 and Aaron 83, laid down their demands.)

To prove that they were serious and that they spoke for the Lord God they worked a miracle. Aaron threw down his staff and it turned into a snake (Ex 7:10). But Pharaoh called over his magicians and they all threw down their staffs which also turned to snakes (never mind that Aaron’s staff-snake ate their staff-snakes) (Ex 7:11,12).

NOT IMPRESSED (cf. Ex 7:13)!

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