All of us know someone who has left the Catholic Faith that they were raised in. Most of us know a loved one, child, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sibling or maybe a spouse who are no longer practicing the Faith. Or maybe they have never meet Christ or even believe in God.

When we think of them outside the life of Grace and the eternal consequences that can bring it causes great fear within. Our stomach turns upside down, our heart aches, perhaps tears come to our eyes. 

I have heard some people give the counsel, “don’t worry about that…God is merciful and He will work it all out.”

I will never give that advice!

Jesus spoke from the Cross several times, we refer to these as “The Seven Last Words of Christ” (even though there are more than seven words, really more like statements). One of those words was, “I Thirst” (Jn 19:28).

Books have been written about those two words, but the consensus seems to be that what Jesus was thirsting for was for souls…for you and I.

When your stomach turns upside down, and your heart breaks and you are crying thinking of your loved ones being outside the Church, you know what you are doing…you are Thirsting!

I will not tell you to ignore that or stop during that…I want you to go deeper into that experience!!! Because it is perhaps in that Thirsting that you are closest to the Heart of Our Lord.

You can be confident that you desire exactly what the Lord desires!!!

In fact Jesus wants it more, because He loves them more!

This Holy Week and this Easter Triduum, Thirst with Our Lord…long with Him…Love with Him…suffer with Him for the salvation of souls. I believe this will give a new depth to our celebration of the Paschal Mystery when Christ won all the grace needed for the salvation of every soul.

But also have a confidence that the story of salvation did not end on Good Friday on the Cross or in the Tomb. The story continues with the Resurrection.

I want you to have confidence that death could not defeat Christ 2,000 years ago and it will not stop Him now. Jesus is right now working in the life of your loved ones that are away from the Church. RIGHT NOW He is giving them Grace upon Grace to nudge them ever closer back into His loving embrace.

We may not be able to see all (or any) of the ways that the Lord is acting in their lives…but He is!!! Has the Lord worked in your life at times you didn’t know it was the Lord, you only recognized it after the fact??? That is happening right now in your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, siblings, and spouses.

You may not see it, you may never see it, but it is happening, because Our Lord is THIRSTING FOR THEM!

Blog by:
Chris Stewart
Co-Founder & COO
Casting Nets Ministries


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