Bad Weather Friend - PART 2

Last week I shared with you about how Tony and I were stuck in Rapid City for two extra days because of a blizzard that bore down on the upper Midwest.

During times of trouble in our lives we many times find it easy to turn to the Lord for His providence and help, however when the sun is out and weather is clear we too often forget about relying on the God of the Universe, hence we are many times just a Bad Weather Friend.

But…storms in our lives also bring opportunity for forming new Bad Weather Friends in our life…

As the weather stations were predicting the devastating storm heading towards Rapid City our flights were already canceled. The contact of the parish that brought us in said, “If this storm is as bad as they say it will be, then downtown will be closed. You won’t be able to get out of the hotel and restaurants won’t be open. Come and stay with us. You will be warm and have food and I will even let you shovel the snow.”

Tony and I took him up on the generous offer and I promised that Tony would shovel snow.

Staying at a host family’s home can be an awkward dance. However, this family made us feel like we were a part of their family. They even invited a priest over to have Mass for us in the home.

Once the snow started to come down and the wind started blowing our appreciation grew even more. The Bad Weather also provided a sense that we to had all “hunkered down” together. What a bond that creates. I can promise that Tony and I will tell this story for years to come.

Bad Weather creates opportunities to “hunker down” with others to help them survive and even thrive in the storm. It gives us the opportunity to deepen friendships or foster brand new ones. These friendships give us the ortunity to share what is “our refuge and strength” (Ps 46)…our Faith and Our Lord.

Plus as we know from our personal tendencies, Bad Weather creates a moment in which everyone is open to “help” outside of themselves. We can be their Bad Weather Friend to help them turn to their one true Savior.

Let us not miss any chance to find new Bad Weather Friends or perhaps even better, be that Bad Weather Friend to some in need.

Blog by:
Chris Stewart
Co-Founder & COO
Casting Nets Ministries


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