The Most Powerful Ministry Experience of My Life

Five and a half years ago, June 13th, 2014, Tony Brandt and I got into his truck and I said, “That was the most powerful experience of youth ministry in my life.”

With exhaustion Tony said, “I agree.”

What was that experience???

We had just finished our first ever Transform Your World Evangelization Training Camp held at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. There were 52 teens from 15 different states and 20 different diocese, stretching from New Jersey to Colorado, from North Dakota to Texas.

The goal (and what in deed was accomplished) was to take high school teens who have already been through the conversion experience (been to the Steubenville Conferences, TECs, Totus Tuus), they have already claimed Christ and the Faith as their own, they have Jason Evert’s poster on the wall…to take those teens and turn them into missionary disciples.

Why wait till they are “adults” or even wait until they are in college? We need missionary disciples in our high schools right now, public AND Catholic.SHARE THEM!

We accomplish this by bringing in some of the nation’s top evangelist to train the teens to do what they do, proclaim the Gospel in today’s culture. We have had Jackie Francois-Angel, Chris Stefanick, Sarah Swafford, Chris Padgett, Jim Beckman, Maria Cahill(David), Matt Fradd and of course Tony and I.

When these speakers come in, they cannot give their normal talks that they give at high school assemblies or youth conferences all over the world (because these teens have heard those talks), they have to go to the next level, go deeper. And these teens eat it up.

Because we cap our participants to 60 teens per camp, the teens are given extraordinary intimate access to these evangelist. They get to walk, talk and share meals with Jackie and Chris. They realize that these are not “Catholic Celebrities” (whatever that it is) but they are real disciples striving to grow in holiness and grow the Kingdom.

So what happens when you take those kind of teens, put them with those evangelist, have daily Mass, Adoration, and Liturgy of the Hours and then turn those teens outward by training them to Transform Your World???

FIRE! DEEPER CONVERSION! KINGDOM BUILDING! Or…“the most powerful experience of youth ministry in my life.”

And it has happened year after year! In our first 5 years we have trained over 250 teens, from over 25 different states and over 45 different dioceses. And these missionary disciples are certainly Transforming Your World!!!

One past camper publicly fought her public school over her pro-life group, one teen started an international movement to get youth off the internet for a month, they have served in Net Ministries and Totus Tuus teams, they have served mission trips, they have gone to dynamic Catholic schools of Ave Maria University, Franciscan University and Benedictine College (many, many to Benedictine) and they have countless times shared their testimony of who Jesus Christ is to them.

We are now looking for teens for our 6th year of Transform Your World Evangelization Training Camp.

If you know a teen who should be there this summer, share this camp with them.

Click here for more info: Transform Your World

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This camp will fill up and we are offering a $100 early bird discount until February 28th, so please help us get the right teens to camp so they can Transform Your World!!!

Blog by:
Chris Stewart
Co-Founder & COO
Casting Nets Ministries
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