Truth @ Hand Project

  • Have you ever struggled with explaining the Good News of Christ to someone?
  • Is there a family member or friend you would like to invite back to Catholicism?
  • Are you around co-workers or neighbors that have not heard the Gospel message?
  • Is your parish looking for ways to invite people to the Catholic Church?


The Truth at Hand Project can change people's lives. Remember the Truth at Hand and Discover the Truth at Hand are booklets that are succinct and yet detailed introductions (or re-introductions for inactive Catholics) of the Good News of salvation as offered by Jesus Christ through His one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church.

Remember the Truth at Hand is a 31-page booklet written to Catholics that are no longer practicing their Faith. It is a re-presentation of the Faith that they were baptized into and an invitation to return to the Catholic Church.


Discover the Truth at Hand is a 31-page booklet written to non-Christians. In today's culture we are coming into contact with more and more people who have never heard of the true message of Jesus Christ, who He is and what He has done for us. The booklet introduces Christ and invites them to a relationship with Him in the Catholic Church.

You can help get the message of the Good News of Christ to the world today by purchasing multiple copies of the booklets. Buy them for your parish to give to parishioners to distribute. Give them to family members or friends who have left the Church. Leave them behind where ever you go, restaurants, work, ballparks, etc. for those who are not familiar with Christ.  For bulk orders please see the prices below.

If you would like one free copy of either booklet, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Quantity Cost Total Cost
1 Free Free
3 $1.00 $3.00
100 $.80 $80.00
250 $.70 $175.00
500 $.60 $300.00
1000 $.50 $500.00

Prices include tax and shipping within continental U.S. For orders 
outside U.S. or of different quantity, please contact us, info below.

Booklet Type

How to Use the Truth at Hand Project:

  • Individuals or parishes can purchase multiple copies of one or both of the booklets.
  • Give them to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or leave them behind wherever you go.
  • Parishes can put their own information on a mailing label to stick on the back of the booklet.
  • Readers will be invited to contact the parish (if info is on the back) or visit
  • At "The Truth at Hand" website visitors will find many resources to help them on their journey towards Christ.
  • Visitors will be invited to click on the "Connect to a Parish" button.
  • If they give their address Casting Nets Ministries will send them a Catholic Bible, Catechism, and a book.
  • Casting Nets will also find the closest parish, contact that parish and give the parish info to the website visitor.
  • By putting a person in contact with a Catholic Parish we hope that they will find the grace that Christ desires to bestow upon them.


How Can You Help the Truth at Hand Project:

    • Purchase the booklets and share them with others.
    • Tell others about the Truth at Hand Project.
    • Financially support us. We need financial help to produce and distribute the booklets and to offer free Bibles, Catechisms and Catholic materials.


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