The speakers and evangelists of Casting Nets are available for a wide variety of parish, school, or diocesan events. So whether you are hosting a retreat, conference, parish mission, day of reflection, staff in-service, please contact us to find out how we can be of service.



With the Eyes of Mercy - Reflections for Divine Mercy

Mercy has changed the world and can still change it today. We explore the them of Mercy in light of the message of Divine Mercy given to us by our Lord through St. Faustina (Talk 1). Baptism, Confession and the Holy Eucharist are the Sacraments in which we receive the Divine Mercy (Talk 2). As baptized Christians, we are duty bound to evangelize as Christ did, with the eyes of Mercy (Talk 3).

Faith, in Light of the New Evangelization

If you want to do something to grow your faith then share it with others. This talks discuss the what Faith is and how we are called to be faithful. But to be 'faithful' means more then just avoiding evil, it means to be FULL of Faith (Talk 1). In order to grow in our faith we must be a people willing to renew and recommit to a prayer life steep in tradition and the sacraments (Talk 2). In order for us to be able to share our Faith we need to have a solid foundation with "The Seven Pillars of Effective Evangelization" (Talk 3).

Evangelization: Why Not?

This series on evangelization gives the real essentials for effective evangelization. Casting Nets discuss the moral obligation to evangelize as delivered by Christ and His Church (Talk 1). At the heart of being able to share our Faith is the development of our own relationship with Jesus Christ (Talk 2). However there are methods that can help and hurt the spreading of the Gospel they we should be aware of as Christians (Talk 3).

Change Yourself, Change the World (with a Lent or Stewardship reflection)

Casting Nets discuss the three pillars of the spiritual life in the light of the New Evangelization. Just as with any relationship communication serves as the key, well prayer is the cornerstone of our relationship with Christ (Talk 1). God has created us for communion with Him therefore we become fully human by giving ourselves away which we practice in almsgiving (Talk 2). This gift of self can be perfected with true acts of fasting (Talk 3). Prayer, almsgiving, and fasting have a transforming affect not just on us but also on those we encounter.



Our team of evangelists have keynoted a wide variety of Catholic conferences across the country and abroad. They include:

  • Men's Conferences
  • Women's Conferences
  • Evangelization Conferences
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Catechetical Conferences
  • Ministry Conferences
  • Stewardship Conferences
  • Eucharistic Congresses
  • Marian Conferences
  • Charismatic Conferences
  • Youth & Young Adult Conferences
  • Catholic Family Conference

Our dynamic presenters are able to speak on a variety of topics that are sure to have your audience engaged, inspired, and equipped.



Whether you're planning a retreat for your parish confirmation program, or your CYO, junior high or high school assembly, Casting Nets has a team of energetic speakers that can help inspire your youth and bring them closer to Jesus Christ. With years of experience and success, Casting Nets and their team of young adults, continue to work to develop a love for Christ and his Church in youth all over the country. From their engaging testimonies to their incredible humor, the youth of your parish will be talking about Casting Nets for years to come.



Two members of our Casting Nets staff have over 25 years of combined teaching experience in Catholic Schools. They have taught at the junior high, high school, and college levels. Our experienced team has conducted numerous in-services for Catholic School teachers/faculty as well as for groups of catechists which have inspired and equipped them with practical methods for reaching students with the life changing power of the Gospel. It is our belief, that every Catholic school teacher and catechist needs to see as their primary goal, that of helping to make Christian disciples of their students. Casting Nets can show them how to do just that.

To learn more, please contact us. We stand ready to serve you.