January 5, 2016

“Mission is an issue of faith, an accurate indicator of our faith in Christ and his love for us” (RM). Faith and mission go hand in hand: the stronger and deeper the faith, the more we will feel the need to communicate, share and witness to it. If, on the contrary, it weakens, missionary ardor wanes and the ability to witness loses its vigor. This has always been the case in the Church's history: a loss of vitality in the missionary impulse has always been the symptom of a faith crisis. (Blsd. Pope John Paul II, World Mission Day Message 1996)

About Casting Nets

We are a team of lay Catholic evangelists. We conduct dynamic and highly effective missions, retreats, and evangelization trainings for parishes, schools, and Dioceses aimed at leading souls to Christ and forming the laity for missionary discipleship.

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