December 25, 2015

No one, can invoke Jesus, believe in Him, unless they are told about him, unless they hear his name (cfr Rom 10,14-15). Hence the supreme command which the Master gave to his disciples before he returned to the Father: “Go...teach” (Mt 28,19); “Preach..., he who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mk 16,16). Hence the task entrusted to the Church, sent to carry on his own mission, as a "universal sacrament" of salvation (LG 48) a “channel of the gift of grace” (EN 14), through time for the whole of humanity. (Blsd. Pope John Paul II, World Mission Day Message 1997)

About Casting Nets

We are a team of lay Catholic evangelists. We conduct dynamic and highly effective missions, retreats, and evangelization trainings for parishes, schools, and Dioceses aimed at leading souls to Christ and forming the laity for missionary discipleship.

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