Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is a loving husband, father, and dynamic speaker who has engaged youth and adults with captivating talks for 20 years. He and his beautiful wife, Maria, have been married for 16 years, are blessed with seven children, and live in Wichita, Kansas. Chris’ experience with youth, family life and death, and his ability to connect with his audience no matter what age or walk of life, has made him a sought out speaker for years. 

His experience in youth ministry and public speaking began in 1996 when he first taught for Totus Tuus, a summer youth catechetical program. He discovered his gift of speaking and has continued throughout the years giving countless talks in the areas of catechetics, theology, spirituality and evangelization. He has a gift for bringing his audience to laughter and tears from experiences in his own life.

Chris earned his Masters of Theological Studies from the Institute of Pastoral Theology of Ave Maria University. His experience is widespread and includes teaching in elementary, high school, and college settings; youth ministry; and co-hosted a radio show "Casting Nets with Tony & Chris". He co-founded a group of young men in the virtue of chivalry and Marian devotion called the Knights of the Holy Queen. Chris just ended is long teaching career, he taught Theology Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School in Wichita for 10 years. Chris is now full-time with Casting Nets Ministries. 

Tony Brandt

Tony Brandt is a dedicated husband and father of six who has been inspiring audiences young and old for 19 years. He has spent the last 14 years married to his beautiful wife Kelly in Wichita Kansas. His many experiences of being raised in a large adoptive family and helping many people in need over his life arms him with stories to captivate any audience. His talks are not only inspiring and challenging but also exiting and entertaining making him a speaker many hire to come back year after year.

His public speaking and youth ministry began with teaching for Totus Tuus a summer youth catechetical program in 1997. He continued this experience for many years giving countless talks on everything from Apologetics to Catholic moral doctrine, from how to better affect youth to how to live as a Catholic Family. He uses his heart wrenching and gut wrenching experiences to give passionate talks that tend to "hit home" and help people realize the intensity of God's love for them.

Tony earned his degree in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Youth Ministry from Benedictine College in 2000. He has had his hand in many areas of ministry and teaching. He has been involved in parish youth ministries and PSR programs as well as teaching at both the high school and college levels. He is the co-founder of the Knights of the Holy Queen, a young men's group dedicated to living the virtue of chivalry and Marian devotion, and was the co-host of the radio show "Casting Nets with Tony & Chris". Tony just ended his 15 year long teaching career, he taught Theology at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School for 10 years and spent 5 years at Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School teaching Theology both located Wichita Kansas. He is now full-time with Casting Nets Ministries.

Hector Molina

Hector Molina is an internationally renowned lay  Catholic speaker and evangelist who has been engaged in professional full-time ministry and evangelization for over 25 years.

At the age of fifteen, while attending his first spiritual retreat, Hector had a life-changing encounter with The Lord. This experience awakened in him a deep passion and zeal for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Catholic faith. It was this pivotal experience that set Hector on the path to a career in lay ecclesial ministry.

Hector pursued is theological studies at St. John's University in Queens New York while serving as Pastoral Associate in his native Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. He served in this capacity for over a decade before relocating to the Archdiocese of St. Louis where he served for six years as Director of Hispanic Ministry and later as founding Director of The Office for the New Evangelization. 

In 2009, Hector launched his own full-time speaking apostolate through which he ministered to tens of thousands at Catholic events throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In 2012, Hector was hired by Catholic Answers as a bilingual apologist and speaker before joining the staff of Casting Nets, where he currently serves as evangelist and CEO. 

With his great wealth of knowledge and pastoral experience, Hector has developed a solid reputation as being one of the most passionate and articulate expositors and defenders of the Catholic faith. Dubbed "The Motivangelist" for his dynamic and motivational style of preaching and teaching, Hector strives to faithfully communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic faith with the joy, zeal, and enthusiasm of the first disciples.

Hector has been married to his lovely wife, Uki for over 11 years. Together they have six beautiful children. The Molina's make their home in the Gateway City, St. Louis, Missouri.